Please  Read  Puppy  Guarantee
All Puppies will come UTD on worming, vaccinations (age appropriate), medical records, AKC reg. application, 1 yr health guarantee, Vet health  report on puppy at 7 weeks of age (hard copy), pedigree, micro chipped, bathed and clipped, starter food kit, toys and lots of puppy kisses

Puppy Contract and Health Guarantee

 Breeder’s Responsibility

I am selling a puppy in good health and free from any visible signs of infection, disease, and/or health concerns.  The puppy will also be up-to-date on vaccinations and worming, and I will issue a shot/worming record showing dates shots and worming were done and when they are due again.  Anything concerning will be discussed with buyer before delivery or pickup.  We do not ship puppies, you must make arrangements to pick up the puppy in person, or arrange for a family/friend to pick up the puppy.

 Buyer’s Responsibility

The Buyer will have 72 hours to have the puppy seen by a licensed veterinarian.  If the buyer’s veterinarian suggests additional preventative health care such as shots, flea protection, or worming, the buyer will be required to take these preventative measures.   Also, it will be the buyer’s responsibility to maintain the puppy’s shot and worming schedule.  Please note that a puppy is not fully immunized against disease until all rounds of shots have been given.  Failing to do the things contained in this paragraph will make this guarantee null and void.

Health Guarantee

For 1 year from the date of purchase, the puppy is guaranteed to be replaced by the breeder,  when a like puppy is available if the puppy develops a serious or life-threatening genetic-based defect or shows signs of a serious birth defect.  The buyer will need to have two written statements from two different veterinarians which state the problem.  These written statements must be sent to the breeder for viewing and verification by the breeder’s veterinarian.  If the defect is indeed valid, the breeder will gladly honor the guarantee.  To honor the guarantee, the buyer must return the puppy to the breeder.  If there are shipping charges, the buyer will cover these charges,   No Cash refunds.   Seller will replace the puppy with equal value, sex and breed.


This guarantee does NOT cover any costs associated with spaying or neutering, nor does it cover injury or death from any routine surgical procedure. Further, this guarantee does not cover any of the following conditions or minor flaws: coccidiosis, giardia, hypoglycemia, kennel cough, pneumonia, ear mites, ear infections, skin mites, mange (sarcoptic demodectic or cheyletiella), cherry eye or any other non life threatening eye, skin, or tissue issues, allergies, over or under bites, herniations, non life threatening bone or joint disorders such as but not limited to luxating patellas and heart murmurs that are not life threatening. Seller cannot guarantee size, color, temperament or fertility (including presence of testicles) of any puppy. Seller cannot guarantee size or conformation and does not imply or intend to imply any potential and/or prospect of show quality of any puppy.

HEALTH & NUTRITION: Buyer agrees to keep the dog in good physical condition with regularly scheduled vaccinations, wormings, flea, tick and heartworm prevention and to provide proper shelter, exercise, fresh water and dog food.

Minor defects that do not significantly threaten the puppy’s health will not be covered.  For example, genetic defects like an under bite, overbite, loose patella, teeth that have to be pulled etc.  All veterinarian charges incurred by the buyer, are the sole responsibility of the buyer.  There is no guarantee on coat color since coat color can change for up to one year.  There is no guarantee on size, (they are Biological Individuals) temperament since the buyer’s environment, training, and discipline will affect temperament.  There is no guarantee against Hypoglycemia; this is the responsibility of the owner to make sure the puppy is getting the proper nutrients.  There is no guarantee against negligence.

This guarantee will only apply to the original buyer/s whose signature/s appears.  Thank you.