We have Toy Parti color and black.  Small Miniature  Apricot, Reds and Blacks!   I do not breed toy reds, I breed toy parti color, my reds are mini size.  Our dogs are AKC registered, PRA and Cataract tested.

FERGIE– beautiful Apricot/Red, small mini, stands 12 inches, super playful, friendly, she is not shy but I would call her “Mellow”. Very smart of course. She loves to “talk” to us! She comes in at night and watched TV with us.
Her puppies are stunning.

WILA – Apricot Mini size, she stands around 12 inches at the shoulder, she carries the “Parti” gene so we breed her to Mooki.  We get beautiful puppies in all colors.  Not all her puppies are minis, we get some toy size from her too!

NADIA – daughter of Desiree and Jax, she is a toy size, right at 10 inches, weighs 7 lbs, super playful, very loyal, loves to cuddle. She also is our water dog, loves to play in the fountain. . . .

VANNA – red, mini size, stand about 11 inches, weigh 12 lbs. She definitely has her “Licker Licenses” full of kisses, smart, very easy going, plays well with others! Produces beautiful puppies. She is bit on the smaller size, her puppies do not get too big.

GAMAY –  Red, mini size, stand about 12 inches, weigh 13 lbs. She is such a delight, best friends with all the dogs. And we can’t forget that she is very smart, quick learner!

SPUD – Outstanding stud, he is miniature size, very fun loving, he has a few tricks down, Amazingly SMART! he is a gorgeous poodle, I can not fault his conformation. His coat is silky lush cures. He is my best friend, wants to go everywhere with me!

MOOKIE – black/white parti male, large toy/small mini stands 11 inches inches, weighs 9 lbs.  He is producing gorgeous parti color puppies. He is out two amazing poodles, he was born here, Dad is Calvin and his mom is Margo.

CHIP– red stud, mini size, stands 13 inches, such a friendly loving guy!  Loves to please and learning tricks pretty quickly. His puppies are gorgeous with their deep red coloring. His dark red coat is just stunning!